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Twouter is the perfect companion app to Twitter -- you don't even need a Twitter account! Twouter works hard to find the most influential and interesting Twitter users such as celebrities (Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber), bloggers (Perez Hilton), athletes (LeBron James, Ochocinco, Dwight Howard), tech (Mashable, TechCrunch), politicians (Barack Obama, Al Gore), etc. so you can view their tweets and measure their level of influence.

Twouter provides a life vest for those swimming in the sea of cumbersome tweets. Users can jump right in and find out who's influential, what they're tweeting, how influential they are, who they influence, who they're influenced by, and what topics they influence. All of that information is interactive, providing a steady flow of engaging information with the user at the driver seat.

Users can also search for any Twitter user and see the latest tweets and Klout influence score via Twout Search.